formatting problem in documentation

I just wanted to report that the doc page for fix phonon is not displayed properly.

Below is an excerpt from the page:

Consider a crystal with N unit cells in three dimensions labelled l = (l1,l2,l3) where li are integers. Each unit cell is defined by three linearly independent vectors **a**1, **a**2, **a**3 forming a parallelipiped, containing K basis atoms labelled k.
Based on fluctuation-dissipation theory, the force constant coefficients of the system in reciprocal space are given by (Campañá , Kong) Φkα,k’β(q) = kBT G-1kα,k’β(q),

It would be very helpful if that were fixed, otherwise it is getting very frustrating to read the page.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Richard - the fix phonon doc page has embedded eqs in the *.txt file.

Not sure why they are not displaying correctly like a few of the others

that now have this?


Hi Steve,

in this case the HTML was not passed through. It used yet another way of writing formulas in HTML.

Similar to pair thole I’ve now rewritten those eqs for MathJax to convert them, so that there is a uniform style in the docs.

I’ve sent the pull request to Axel, so it should be in the next batch of updates. (I’ll remove the UTF8 characters again, Axel mentioned the txt should stay ASCII)