From hmte.db import get_connection (automatminer_dev)

Hi, when looking up the automatminer_dev code, I found the Python can’t resolve the “from hmte.db import get_connection” in autominer.config, So I was wondering which pacakge does the “hmte” belong to ?

Hey there,

First off, as a disclaimer, the automatminer_dev code is only used internally at the moment and is not in production-ready state. It is not reliable nor unit-tested. It is primarily for running benchmarks in large number in a maintainable way. It is somewhat customized for our own software ecosystem and compute resources; that’s not to say you can’t use it for your own purposes, but it will require some troubleshooting. If you have not already, I strongly suggest you read the (very limited) documentation so you have an idea of what you’re getting into:

Now, to answer your question:

hmte is just an internal package we use for getting a connection to our group’s mongodb. You can just remove that line and substitute in your own mongodb.