Fw:Error in pair_style hybrid and tersoff

This one is the correct one last mail the error message was wrong

This one is the correct one last mail the error message was wrong

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Subject: Error in pair_style hybrid and tersoff
From: abbas abouei
To: [email protected]

Dear users
I want to do a simulation like water droplet on silicon surface
so i have 3 atoms and i defince pair style hybrid and used tersoff for
but there is a proble i need to use tersoff onec time in pair_style hybrid
command becaues i just have silicon as many body potential.
but if i use once time the lamps give an error like
"incorrect arg for pair coefficient " while I check it with manual it is
correct,no mistake

​please check with the manual again and more carefully. your pair_coeff
line for tersoff *is* incorrect.​

if i use twice tiem while taht is wrong because i just have silicon many
body atom
the Lammps read the Tersoff potential file but after run give this error
"Pair hybrid sub_style is not used" which is true becauese i use tersoff
twice in pair_style hybrid command but i used it onece
I dont khow how to solve it, i think it is the lammps bug i am using
the LAMMPS 64-bit 20150316 for windws in windows 7.

​as i have already told you elsewhere, this is not a LAMMPS bug, but
everything you describe and show are user errors due to incorrect input.
i've also requested you to upgrade your LAMMPS version. nobody will even
try to fix a bug in an over 2.5 year old LAMMPS version. in fact, there
should be plenty (real) bugs fixed in the newer version that are present in
your LAMMPS binary.