generating static library causes fftw3 error when using kspace package


I’m using stable version 12Dez18 and try to use kspace package. When generating the static library it causes an error: fftw3.h not found

If I got the documentation right, it shoud have build the KISS fftw, since the 3 lines in makefile.mpi regarding fftw are empty.

Why is it looking for fftw3.h?

What do I have to look for, to fix that?

Thank’s a lot


a) there is not enough information here to give any specific advice. please report the exact commands you executed and what makefiles with what settings you have used (for the conventional build) or what settings you were passing to cmake.
b) please provide error messages with their surrounding context and based on what command they happened.
c) please try the latest stable version, 5 Jun 2019. you may be running into a problem that was already corrected.
d) try using cmake to configure/build LAMMPS