Getting an Error while using hybrid pair style

I am trying to simulate ionic liquids with Si and C using LAMMPS = (29 Oct 2020) . I am getting an error of ERROR: Pair coeff for hybrid has invalid style (…/pair_hybrid_overlay.cpp:66)
while using pair_style hybrid. I want to use lj/cut/coul/long for ionic liquids and meam for SiC. I don’t understand that how to resolve this. Here I am giving you my input file . Can any one explain me where I am wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Defining the system

units metal
boundary p p p
atom_style full
bond_style harmonic
angle_style harmonic
dihedral_style opls
improper_style cvff
pair_style hybrid/overlay lj/cut/coul/long 12.5 meam
read_data “/usr/local/lammps-29Oct20/examples/meam/lammps_bmim_oplsaa.dat”
read_data “/usr/local/lammps-29Oct20/examples/meam/data.meam” add append
pair_coeff * * library.meam Si C SiC.meam Si C
kspace_style pppm 1.0e-6

Setting for output

dump Dump all custom 1000 “traj.lammpstrj” id type x y z ix iy iz vx vy vz
thermo_style custom step time cpu pe ke etotal enthalpy temp press vol density cella cellb cellc cellalpha cellbeta cellgamma
thermo 100

Setting to run MD or minimization

>>> SCHEME-1

minimize 1.0e-10 1.0e-8 10000 100000


Please note that this line has not one but two errors.

  • The syntax of pair_coeff is different when using a hybrid pair style so LAMMPS can map the pair_coeff settings to one of the hybrid sub-styles.
  • The type-to-element mapping at the end of the pair_coeff line has to cover all atom types, not just the ones you want to use for MEAM, so that LAMMPS knows which atom types to skip when processing atoms with MEAM.

In general, you probably should seriously consider first modeling the entire system with OPLS. Since the SiC component is likely some kind of nanoparticle or some surface, there is little benefit from a hybrid pair style or a the more complex calculation from the MEAM potential. Because you are using a hybrid pair style, all contributions from the ionic liquid to the embedding function in MEAM will be ignored. So it may be just as well, to keep those atoms rigid or constrained.