Getting error trying to run MC examples in lammps

I am having this error even though I have “make yes-mc” followed by “make mpi”

zac3553@i-Zac://home/zac3553/lammps-23Jun2022/examples/mc$ mpiexec -np 10 lmp_mpi -in in.mixed
LAMMPS (23 Jun 2022 - Update 2)
Reading data file …
orthogonal box = (-8.21157 -8.21157 -8.21157) to (8.21157 8.21157 8.21157)
1 by 2 by 5 MPI processor grid
reading atoms …
4000 atoms
scanning bonds …
1 = max bonds/atom
scanning angles …
1 = max angles/atom
reading bonds …
3900 bonds
reading angles …
3800 angles
Finding 1-2 1-3 1-4 neighbors …
special bond factors lj: 0 1 1
special bond factors coul: 0 0 0
2 = max # of 1-2 neighbors
2 = max # of 1-3 neighbors
4 = max # of 1-4 neighbors
6 = max # of special neighbors
special bonds CPU = 0.006 seconds
read_data CPU = 0.061 seconds
dynamic group g1 defined
dynamic group g2 defined
ERROR: Unrecognized fix style ‘mol/swap’ is part of the MC package which is not enabled in this LAMMPS binary. (…/modify.cpp:903)
Last command: fix 3 all mol/swap 100 1 1 2 482794 1.0

what could be the issue and how can I fix it ?

In a previous post you showed that your source was using LAMMPS 23 Jun 2022 - Update 3, but this is showing 23 Jun 2022 - Update 2, so this is clearly not the executable that you just compiled.
Since you are not using an explicit full path, mpirun will pick whatever lmp_mpi executable is the first it finds in the folders listed in $PATH.

I have already pointed this possibility out to you and also suggested a way how you can check.
Please do follow suggested advice before posting the same problem again, even if you don’t believe it.

I cannot tell why it is like that.
lmp_mpi is showing me
zac3553@i-Zac://home/zac3553/lammps-23Jun2022/src$ lmp_mpi
LAMMPS (23 Jun 2022 - Update 2)

but the version.h file is showing
#define LAMMPS_VERSION “23 Jun 2022”
#define LAMMPS_UPDATE “Update 3”

I can and I already did but either you didn’t pay attention or you didn’t understand. In both cases, there isn’t much that can be done from remote.

My suggestion is thus, you find somebody local that has more Linux experience than you and show that person my posts and what is happening and then have that person explain the situation to you and how to deal with it.

Try which lmp_mpi and make sense of the output.

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Thank you.
I got this now, and mc is working fine.