Getting supercell information from primitive cell

I am unable to get the supercell infromation by using following approach

get_all_sites = cif_structure_raw.get_sites_in_sphere(cif_structure_raw.cart_coords[i], bond_distance_maximum, include_index=True)

Where, bond_distance_maximum is 3 and cif_structure_raw is the structure. I want to get all information including the supercell/ periodic image of each site.

Could you please help me on this? Thanks in advance.

Hi Hemanta,

Please post your pymatgen questions in the pymatgen google group:!forum/pymatgen

This forum isn’t indexed by google and its vital that people can search for questions/answers to pymatgen issues

Slight amendment, from

For help with any pymatgen issue, consult Stack Overflow and if you cannot find an answer, please post a question with the tag “pymatgen”. Please note that the pymatgen Google group has been deprecated in favor of Stack Overflow.

It seems Expert Pymatgen community Doesnot view Stack Overflow much. Its hard to get feedback from the community there.

Thanks. Will keep posting there.