GPU on windows

Dear readers,

I have just installed LAMMPS and I am trying to use the GPU package in my laptop. I’ve installed and properly tested nvidia cuda and opencl and they are working fine but when I try running a LAMMPS simulation I get the following error:

ERROR: Could not find/initialize a specified accelerator device (…/gpu_extra.h:35)
Last command: package gpu 1

And the ocl_get_device.exe gives me “Found 0 platform(s).”

What could be the problem here? Since I’cve separately tested cuda and opencl apart from LAMMPS and they seem fine?

Best regards

Lucas A. Silva

This is a known issue and there is no simple solution, since there is currently no person that has the necessary skills, access to suitable hardware, and time and interest to correct this. For a more detailed discussion, please see: