granular simulation

Dear Lammps users,

I’m a new user of lammps, here i try to simulate an intruder impacting a granular media. I dont know what is wrong with my code … though it runs in lj units it does not with si units. Please consider my shallowness in this subject. Thanks in advance.

Attached here is my script.


mod_intruder.txt (1.45 KB)

The mail list is not likely to debug an input script for you.

Any simulation done in one set of units with LAMMPS (e.g. lj units)

can be duplicated in any other units LAMMPS supports (e.g. si units).

If you change all the relevant input parameters in your input script

and other input files correctly to the new units. And if you interpret

the output correctly in the new units. That is not typically simple

to do, but if you go thru it step by step you will understand your

problem better and what the input values mean.