group union and deposit.

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Sorry about so many question i make, but i dont see simulation run good.

in previous message (

i ask about deposit and Axel Kohlmeyer reply me about deposit not in a group i add this line to simulation:

group g_gas union g_gas_a g_gas_b
g_gas_a (the atoms in the simulation)
g_gas_b (the deposit area).

and put the fix nvt:
fix nvt_gas g_gas nvt temp 1000 1200 0.1

with that i think new atoms deposited could be affected for this fix nvt, but not happend nothing, not move.
could be, becouse i use a old lammps version (30 sep 2013)?

When i use deposit command without vx vy vz parameters (initial velocities), the system not update this velocities:
1- is normal that deposited atoms not move with this fix nvt?
2- if i put velocities. i dont know if the nvt coud be apllied to this atoms. how i can see that?

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In general you can’t use NVT to thermostat atoms which have

no velocity (0 temp) b/c it rescales velocity. Try fix langevin.