Hello, I have a problem with setting the initial velocity of the system

I have a problem with setting the initial velocity of the system

Please explain what the nature of your problem is and how it manifests itself.

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Dear Sir
Thank you for your reply.
I am interested to do a simulation to study the application of graphene in friction reduction. so I am interested to calculate the friction coefficient by LAMMPS.
In order to do so, I have set up my system, which comprises of two surfaces, add a graphene sheet to the system, placing it (exactly) between these two surfaces, parallel to them.
and applied external interactions: enforce relative motion of two surfaces ( assign constant velocity to the upper surface, fixing the bottom one) and apply normal force (using fix addforce) to the upper surface. please email me (mohanad.jaafar[at] yahoo . com) for more details.

Sorry, but that doesn’t explain anything about what your problem is.

Sorry, I only help people in public. This way others that encounter the same issues at a later point can search for the discussion and hopefully solve their problems on their own from the information provided.

My time is too limited to do personal consulting and tutoring.

I was hoping to send you the code to set up of course the help will not be free

Not interested. If I would provide and charge for personal consulting services, you likely would not be able to afford it, anyway.

Part of the skill set of a (computational) scientist is also the ability to describe problems succinctly, but instead you only have demonstrated the ability to ignore my conditions with an annoying persistence and disregard for common public forum etiquette. Thus if you are unable to produce/provide a minimal example suitable for a public forum, then either you should not be running MD or need a personal tutor that doesn’t mind and is able and willing to teach you those skills as well.