Help with potential

Hello Lammps Users
I’m currently trying to write a code that brings two surfaces with asperities into contact. I am having quite a problem with the interatomic potential. When I began I used a previous program that had an lj/cut potential and it worked fine. However once I changed the potential to an sw with an Si.sw input (as the surfaces in question are silicon) it blows up immediately (literally atoms fly everywhere). Does anyone know what is the most likely cause? Thank you in advance for any insight

Is the time 0 energy or pressure bad? If so, a large
pressure usually means huge forces. Dynamics will
then be bad.


The sw potential works well for me. Move the two surface slightly
away from each other and see if the problem persists. Also, try
minimizing your system before running it. If that does not help,
check your force-field parameters.