How can I calculate the Bandstructure and Bandgap using HSE06 in pymatgen vasp input sets?

I would like to compute some HSE bandgaps and plot the bandstructures using VASP. And for that - I would like to use pymatgen to generate the vasp input sets. But I am kind of lost at which input sets should I use and which order? There are two HSE vasp input sets in pymatgen: MPHSERelaxSet and MPHSEBSSet. So, here is what I think I need to do. Let me know if I am incorrect:

  1. Doing an HSE scf calculation: inputs have to be generated with MPHSERelaxSet and then running VASP.

  2. Doing an HSE bandgap calculation: inputs have to be generated with MPHSEBSSet but from_previous_calc(directory path of step 1) method should be used with it so that it can find the calculation of step 1.

  3. Running vasp in step 2.

  4. Plotting bandstructure using pymatgen BSVasprun.

If this is not how the calculation should be run, I would really appreciate if you break down your advice in step by step.

Thanks in advance!