How can I define complex number variable in lammps

Dear all,

I currently work on fracture mechanics, and now I need to define some complex number variables, and do some math computation of them to obtain a displacement field for impose a boundary condition of K-filed on the problem of mode I crack. I want to know whether LAMMPS could do this, should I need to write new command to extend the type of variable, or there is a relative easy way to complete it. And I wonder whether there is any way to read a displacement field from a existing file which contain the displacement data we want to used as in some FEM code like ‘ABAQUS’.

Thank you all.

If you mean you want to write code to do what you want,
e.g. a new fix or compute, then you can define and use
any variables you want in your code, e.g. with complex numbers.
If you look at the src/math*.h files you will see some
of them define ops on complex data types, which the
code you add could use.

If you mean do LAMMPS commands allow for complex
numbers as inputs in your script, the answer is no, b/c
none of them use complex inputs.