How can I execute LAMMPS in windows

I have already downloaded the input script which you send me but I cannot execute those commands mentioned in LAMMPS in the ““cmd.exe”” window. Beside please tell me sir is cmd.exe is a input script file where I can execute those commands in LAMMPS in a windows mechine.

Paul can answer this.


Sounds like you’re trying to type the LAMMPS commands directly into the Windows cmd.exe window, which won’t work. As per the instructions in the documentation (, don’t try to run LAMMPS interactively from the Windows cmd.exe window, but rather put the LAMMPS input commands in a text file (like the one here: ) and put that text file in the same location as the executable. Then, at the command prompt, type something like “lmp_win_no-mpi -in in.lj”, replacing in.lj with the name of your LAMMPS input script text file.