How do you consider viscosity?

Thank you for your reply.


LAMMPS will do what you ask it to do. if you don’t get the expected result, you likely didn’t set up your simulation correctly.

since this is a simple scenario, you should be able to figure this out by yourself. please check out the two “flow” examples provided by LAMMPS.

it is not the task of this mailing list to correct your inputs.


Are you actually concerned about the viscosity? It looks like you’re just concerned about investigating a boundary layer. The boundary layer thickness \delta* obviously depends on viscosity (albeit only through the Reynolds number) , but viscosity doesn’t seem to be the actual point of interest.

I’d suggest thinking on your problem some more before asking additional questions (as well as running the example cases and extracting things of interest) - so that you can get the answers you’re looking for. You might even answer your own Q.