How to avoid nanowire's vibration in pure bending process ?

Dear LAMMPS users:
I’m running MD simulations to analyze the pure bending process of Ag nanowires, I intend to set two end parts as rigid bodies ,All the center-of-mass (COM) forces and torques of rigid bodies were turned off except the the horizontal COM force. So the horizontal distance between two rigid bodies could be freely adjusted to avoid the axial forces(via fix_rigid), And then give them a same angular velocity(via velocity ** ramp).
However, when I ran the code, the nanowire was bending ,But vibrated obviously via visual software. Lead to the oscillation of atom forces .

Is it reasonable to give a ramp velocity on rigid bodies to realize pure bending process ? Or I should try another method to avoid the vibration ?

Have you minimized and equilibrated the nanowire before bending it?