How to bend a plane in 2D?

Dear lammps users,

I need to simulate an indentation done by a bended rigid surface. I am
using a 2D system with lj potential and I am trying to construct this
surface like the physical process: I created a block of 3 atomic
layers width and a cilinder. I set the velocity (velocity set command)
of this block and started to run, but when the plane touches the
cilinder it just go back and starts kicking, and do not deform. What
should I do?

Thanks a lot,

Débora Marques

Sorry, your question is too vague. You need
to ask about a specific LAMMPS command, if
it is not doing what you expect, and how you
know it is not doing what it should.


2011/4/5 Débora Marques <[email protected]>: