how to build LAMMPS with Kokkos for GPUs

Hi Axel and all,
I am trying to build to build LAMMPS with KOKKOS for the GPU.
The problem is, that I am not used OpenMPI, but rather SGI MPT, but I did use the


It is not clear to me what changes I need to make.
I am using gcc as the CC compiler. For the regular GPU build I used the Intel compiler for building the packages, using nvcc for the gpu library.

I went through the following steps for Kokkos

make clean\-all make no-all
make no\-lib make yes-manybody yes-molecule yes-replica yes-kspace yes-asphere yes-misc yes-user-omp

make yes-kokkos
make kokkos_cuda_openmpi

but the build fails because nvcc can't be found by the mpicc wrapper.
Do you have a suggestion to work around this?

Gabriele Jost