How to calculate the number of points or the length of 2-theta axis in XRD

As shown in the title, I want to know the length of XRD 2-theta axis.

Could you please clarify your question and how it pertains to the Materials Project?

Recently, I want to predict xrd values. Since the length of xrd of different materials is different, I try to use a method to make all xrd signals have same length. Now I tried gaussian smoothing and got the same length for xrd signals. I tried to know at which angles (my 2-theta is 0~90) have peaks. Now I know how to do this. I get the this from original xrd signals

However, I got another question. After gaussian smoothing, I got a vector of 901 elements. The estimated gaussian distribution can have the estimated probability density in an even internal list, such as in the list [0.1, 0.2, 0.3, …, 99.9, 100]. The estimated probability can be super small, like 2e-200, 3e-50. I want to know whether I can consider those values as zeros. In other words, how to tell the peaks from the probability density.


Hello, may you tell me how you realize the Gaussian smoothing?