How to calculate velocity of shock wave

Dear Ray and lammps users,

I want to simulate the impact of water using the method of momentum mirror , I used the command of“velocity “to set particle velocity (up), Some code is provided below. There is a problem bothering me that how to caculate velocity of shock wave (us), and get the sequence of snapshots illustrating the propagation of the shockwave by the command of“dump “. Similar to the Fig .2 of your article (shock-induced hotspot formation and chemical reaction initiation in PETN containing a spherical void. Journal of Physics:conference Series, 500, 2014). Can you sharing the partial script of LAMMPS input for reference. Thank you very much!

Best wishes for you!


Many of the analyses were done with post-process scripts which are not allowed to be shared. You just need to add more per-atom properties (such as fx, fy, fz, etc) to your dump command and analyze the velocity, density, etc profiles. Figure 2 was made with AtomEye which required the dump cfg command.