How to change the max number of special bonds?


I work on a coarse-grained model, I need to put bonds between polymer chain to paired them.
When I tried to run my simulation I have the following mistake “Exception: ERROR on proc 0: New bond exceeded bonds per atom in fix bond/create”. To resolve this I want to change the max number of special neighbors. How to change the max number of special neighbors ?

My lammps version is LAMMPS (23 Jun 2022 - Update 3)

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The maximum dimensions of certain per-atom properties are “locked in” when the simulation cell is created. This would happen with a create_box command, read_data, or read_restart command. For create_box, the assumption is that there are no bonds at all, for read_data, the file is read twice and the minimum number required determined on the first pass, for read_restart the previously set dimensions are read from the restart file.

For create_box and read_data you can augment these settings and reserve extra space, e.g. for more bond types, more bonds per atom, or more special neighbors. Please see the corresponding documentation in the LAMMPS manual.

It work now, thanks !