How to control the temperature of a moving object in LAMMPS simulations

Dear LAMMPS developers and users,

I want to control the temperature of a moving object in LAMMPS simulation, however, I failed with the combination of the “fix nve”, “fix_modify” and “compute temp/com” commands as shown in the following, and the result is presented in the attached file. please tell me why it does not work? Thank you very much.
slurm-2719027.out (44.6 KB)

units          metal
boundary       p p p
atom_style     atomic

variable       ntemp equal 300.0

lattice         bcc 2.866 
region          box block -25.0 25.0 -25.0 25.0 -30.0 30.0
create_box      1 box
create_atoms    1 box

region          ballr sphere 0.0 0.0 0.0 15 units box
group           ballg region ballr

group           remain subtract all ballg
delete_atoms    group remain

timestep       0.001
mass           1 55.85

pair_style     eam/fs
pair_coeff     * * Fe_mm.eam.fs Fe

velocity       ballg create ${ntemp} 46827

compute        c1 ballg temp/com
compute        c2 ballg temp
fix            f1 ballg move wiggle 0.0 0.0 10.0 100.0 units box
fix            f2 ballg nvt temp ${ntemp} ${ntemp} 0.1
fix_modify     f2 temp c1

dump           d1 all custom 2000 Fe_*.dat id type x y z vx vy vz
thermo_style   custom step temp c_c1 c_c2 etotal 
thermo         50
run            30000

slurm-2719027.out (44.6 KB)

The motion and thus the kinetic energy of atoms subject to fix move is prescribed by the fix move command. You must not apply a time integration or thermostat fix to those. LAMMPS should have printed a warning about that.