How to control the temperature of a region with flow

Dear sir:

i want to control the temperature of a region in the upstream of the flow. The atoms in the region have directional velocities, so the compute temp/region + fix temp/rescale (or langevin) can not be used to achieve the goal. Could you tell me how to do? Thanks a lot.
Best wishies
Ge Song

I don't think LAMMPS can currently do that. You are asking
to apply 2 contraints, or biases as LAMMPS calls them,
on the temperature: a region and subtract a flow velocity.

I've thought about how to extend the temperature computes
to allow multiple biases instead of just one, but haven't
coded anything yet.

See compute temp/partial or temp/com for temperatures
that will subtract the flow velocity (or just T on the non-flow
directions). But they won't work with a region, which is
a 2nd bias.