How to create bond between sph particles

We are trying to simulate a water ball falling on the ground. To do this, we are creating a shell with bonds and adding water inside using ‘hybrid sph angle’ particles. We have set the pair style as sph/taitwater to simulate the potential between every type of atom.
Then, we get the following error:

WARNING: Communication cutoff 0.039 is shorter than a bond length based estimate of 0.11506499999999999. This may lead to errors. (src/comm.cpp:730)
Per MPI rank memory allocation (min/avg/max) = 4403.0 | 4403.0 | 4403.0 Mbytes
Step Dt Time KinEng PotEng TotEng E_bond
       0        1e-06            0            0 6.3164122e-06 6.3164122e-06 6.3164122e-06
ERROR on proc 0: Bond atoms 788 789 missing on proc 0 at step 5 (src/ntopo_bond_all.cpp:61)

We would greatly appreciate any suggestions or guidance on resolving this issue. Thank you for your assistance.

Here’s the input file.

Hi @jackyjj,
please have a look in the detailed explanation of the warning message in the dedicated section of the manual.

As stated this warning indicates that the cutoff used for your ghost atoms creation is way smaller (by a factor 3.5) than the estimated bond length and, as such, some interaction are lost in the making of the sub-domains.

This might be a sign of bad parameters or wrong starting geometry but:

  1. without more details it is impossible to say
  2. That is up to you to solve

Good luck!

After modifying some parameters, the previous warning no longer appeared. I then attempted to simulate both a cube-shaped water ball and a spherical water ball. The simulation for the cube-shaped ball was successful, but I encountered an error while simulating the spherical ball. When the ball hit the ground, the following error occurred:

ERROR: Lost atoms: original 748070 current 747429 (src/thermo.cpp:439)

How can I solve this problem?