How to define bond type and bond information in DPD-e?

In order to write a DPD-E input file , in which energy is constant, due to LAMMPS documentation I need to have ;

1-pair_style dpd/fdt/energy
2-fix 1 all dpd/energy
3-atom_style dpd

in my model I have a carbon nano tube in water, in which I need to define bonds between carbon atoms. to do that at first I tried command:
atom_style hybrid dpd atomic

which lammps yelled at me that you cannot use hybrid with dpd or something like that. I got rid of atomic and now it is yelling at me that I should not have bond information in my data file. Do you have any suggestion how to use dpd-e commands and also define bonds?

Than you in advance

that is redundant. “dpd” is a superset of “atomic”

if you want accurate help and happy people responding, please make it easy for them by providing precise information and quote the exact error message and not some vague statement.

What gave you the idea that atom style atomic provide supports for bonds?? That seems rather counterintuitive. Using a hybrid style with “bond”, “angle”, or “molecule” would seem much more logical to me. Again, there are lots of details in the LAMMPS documentation and the quick succession of your posts here suggests that you are not spending sufficient time studying it.

I used atomic because the previous input file I had from DPD, (not DPD-e) the atomic style was defined as atomic and I was building up on that. If a beginner is asking a question it means they are working hard to get somewhere and they do read the documentation but maybe they do not understand it properly. So I respectfuly disagree with your idea about me just posting questions without reading the document! I will be more specific though from now on. Thanks!

But unless there were bonds in it (and there could not be with atom style atomic), you have been jumping to conclusions too quickly and without doing the due diligence that can be expected from a person as eager to learn as you appear to be.

That still is no justification for your post. Please see
You need to understand that this is not a classroom, we are not your teachers, and being a (new) LAMMPS user does not entitle you for special treatment. As a public forum based on the work of people volunteering their time, you need to be more careful with not abusing this resource and thus should only post questions after exhausting other resources which includes web searches, available LAMMPS tutorials, and the mailing list archives, and not just the documentation.

As I already mentioned, the quick succession of your posts does not speak in your favor.