HOW to exclude coulomb interactions between specific bonded atom pairs

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What I want to do here is to dump the bond length of another type (not core shell spring bond), with " compute bond/ >local". In order to do this, I need to create bond of the type.

I don’t understand whether your model actually requires
this extra bond or you are just creating it to monitor the distance
between 2 atoms.

If the former, I can’t think of any
bond model that superposes a harmonic bond (for example)
on top of a Coulomb pair interaction for 2 charged particles.
The bond itself is meant to include the attraction/repulsion
between the 2 particles.

If the latter, you don’t need to define a bond to monitor
the distance between two particles. You can use
compute pair/local for a group that only includes the 2 atoms
types of the A,B pairs you want to calculate distances for.