how to exit's interactive regime?

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First of all,
Recently I have discovered the power of package, and I want to say thank you to the Developers.


I make an alias in my .bashrc script. So when I type “pizza” the interactive “>” regime shows up and I can run scripts via “@run”. It runs and works. But if I want to run the script from the command line - the only thing that I have found is
" pizza -f" it works , but after finishing it stays in the interactive regime.

Please tell me how can I run the script so it runs and exits the interactive regime after completing the job???

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That is controlled by the -i switch (for interactive) on the 1st line of

If you are invoking, by just typing (or an alias to it),
then you are invoking that first line, which means it will stay interactive.

You can run it explicitly with Python by typing “python -r” in
which case the 1st line is not invoked, and it will exit.

This is really a Python feature, not a feature.


Thank you Steve, Perhaps you might have wanted to write “python” instead of “python”. because when I try to run, pizza says that she doesn’t know the switch “-r”, but when i run with “-f” it works fine. Vasiliy.

yes -f, not -r, same as in your initial email.