How to export the number of atoms in the max cluster?

Dear developers and users
Clusters will appear in the phase transition from liquid to solid and can be selected by “cluster analysis” menu. The information to be exported to one file is the number of atoms in the max cluster. I have so many frames to deal with, so I wonder if there are some ways to achieve this goal.
I will be very grateful for your answers.

When you open the Data Inspector Tab called Global Attributes in the Desktop Application, you will see that the Cluster Analysis modifier automatically stores the size of the largest cluster as a global attribute called ClusterAnalysis.largest_size.
Global attributes and their time evolution can be easily exported through OVITO’s file export function: File → Export File → Table of values.

Please also see section “Exporting computation results” in the manual entry of the Cluster Analysis modifier. Cluster analysis — OVITO User Manual 3.5.0 documentation.

It works.
Thank you