how to get a list of atoms in group into python [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hello lammps-users,

I am using the lammps Python interface. I was wanting to apply some
displacements to a group of atoms defined in lammps using a python file.
Is there a way of getting the atoms that are defined in a group in the
lammps file back to the python side ?


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The Python interface is a wrapper on src/library.cpp and .h.
So you can add any method you like to library.cpp
and a wrapper on it to python/

The lammps_get_coords is already similar to what
you want. You could add a variant that takes a group
name. You can also use lammps_extract_atom
to get a pointer to the per-atom mask array which
is what stores all the group flags for every atom.
With that and a list of coords you could easily identify
which are in a particular group.