How to get dielelectric properties using the Materials Project API?

Dear users and developers,

I’d like to get dielelectric properties using the Materials Project API.
According to citation (High-throughput screening of inorganic compounds for the discovery of novel dielectric and optical materials), it is written “can be downloaded using the Materials Project API”.
As mentioned in the documents (,
I tried to get them by API as follows.
but I couldn’t receive anything.{material id, formula, or chemical system}/vasp/{property}?API_KEY=MY_API_KEY

  • I changed {property} as the proper form

Firstly, is this the correct API to get dielelectric properties?
And did I use it in the wrong way?

Could you let me know how to call API?
If possible, could you show me a sample code?

Thanks a lot.

Using that API endpoint, you can get the dielectric data for a material e.g. as{mp_id}/vasp/diel?API_KEY=YOUR_API_KEY

i.e. diel is the property name to get dielectric data through this API route.


Dear Donny,

Thank you very much.

Thanks to your kind advice,
I could get the properties.

And I also found that you updated the site(