How to get steady fluid

Hello, lammps-users

To get the steady gas fluid along the z axis, I have used the method so-called DCV-GCMD. In the DCV-GCMD(dual control volume grand canonical MD), two boxes was set at the end of system and the GCMC particle insertion and deletion are performed inthe two boxes to keep the chemical potential or pressure. The channel is set at the center of system. When the pressure in the two boxes are steady, MD is preformed. Using this method, steady fluid through the channel could present.
However, I want to know, after I get the steady pressure gradient during the two volumes, how the MD process should be set? NVT apply in the two boxes respectively or apply in the whole system? Thanks in advance.

Dongbo Wang

Generally you would just thermostat and barostat the control volumes,
and let gas flow under NVE in between.