How to give particular number of temperature or doping as input parameter to amset

Dear Alex,
I have n number of doping levels and m number of temperature values.
I want to give only a few of them on the Y-axis (let’s say 300, 500, 800 K only from 300:1000:15).
–temperature-idx N is taking only a single value while I want to supply more than one value.
How can I input more than one value for the data on the y-axis?

I don’t know what you’re trying to do? Which plotting script are you using?

I want to plot all the thermoelectrics parameters keeping doping on x-axis while few temperature values (in the setting file, I kept fifteen temperature values for later purpose) on y-axis.

Amset calculations were finished using a number of doping and temperature values.

For plotting, using terminal, I am not using any script.

I am trying with a straightforward command.

amset plot transport… (keeping doping at x-axis) and want to give only three temperature values (300,500,800) using –temperature-idx N

I am wondering if you could suggest any alternative of "–temperature-idx N’ so that I can give more than one variable.
For example “–temperature-idx 300 500 800”