How to load a series of LAMMPS dump files in VMD at once?

If I output a series of LAMMPS dump files during my simulation like below:



How can I read them in VMD at once, and let VMD recognize they are a series of frames? (I guess it is only achievable through the TK script, but have no example found yet)

P.S. though I know OVITO can load in a series of dump files trivially, it cannot do a dynamic camera view of the scene during my simulation movie. To the best of knowledge about OVITO, it currently only supports static view perspective.

Many thanks for any comment, or suggestion.

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This irrelevant to LAMMPS mailing list. Anyway, I guess you should be able to do it by tcl scripting capabilities in VMD. I strongly suggest you to contact VMD mailing list () for specific details. Kasra.