How to query ICSD originated data from Materials Project?

I want to query experimentally known materials from Materials project. These compositions are labeled: theoretical = False.
What criteria I need to specify while using MPDataRetrieval to get these compositions?

To get a list of the material IDs for experimentally known materials you could do:

from mp_api import MPRester

with MPRester("your_api_key") as mpr:
    docs =, fields=["material_id"])
    mpids = [doc.material_id for doc in docs]

Thank you for your response.
I am trying to get data with the following code:

mpdr = MPDataRetrieval(mp_api_key)

# Specify query criteria 
query_criteria = {
    'e_above_hull':{'$lte': 0.08}, # eV/atom
    'nelements': {'$gte': min_elms, '$lte': max_elms},
    'nsites':{'$lte': max_sites},
# Specify properties to be queried
query_properties = [
# Obtain queried dataframe
dataframe = mpdr.get_dataframe(
    criteria = query_criteria,
    properties = query_properties,

How can I add ‘theoretical=False’ to the criteria here?

I am speaking about using the new API client in the mp-api package. If you would like to go through MPDataRetrieval in matminer, then I would make a post in that forum asking for help.

– Jason

Sorry for misunderstanding. Yes, I appreciate that.