how to restrict thermo output to screen?

Dear Users,

is there a way to skip output of lammps thermo command to
screen each N-th step, but still have these
thermodynamic quantities (e.g. temperature, pressure, ....)
available (calculated) for fixes to print to file every N-th step?

I read thermo / thermo_style / thermo_modify
commands, but probably missed something...

Kind regards,

You can do a "thermo 1" (to calculate thermodynamical quantities every
step) in your script and then run your code with the option "-screen
none" to do not dump thermodynamical information on the screen.

Rodrigo Freitas

Thank you very much.
That is exactly what I was looking for.


If you don't want the thermo output at all (screen or log file)
you can use fix ave/time to collect whatever thermo data
you want on any interval and dump it to a file directly.