How to use delete_atoms region in every time step?

I want to use delete_atoms region to delete atoms after reaching to a specified region. As it is illustrated in picture, LAMMPS doesn’t remove atoms at defined region. I want to delete atoms that reach in this region in every time step and it seems delete_atom deletes atoms once.
This is my code for deletion:

region          remove block EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE 58 80 
delete_atoms    region remove

Screenshot 2023-02-17 103556

I don’t know how implement what I need. I would appreciate anybody to help me to solve this problem.
I also attached my main script.
Box2.lammps (2.8 KB)

The delete_atoms command is not supposed to delete atoms every timestep, but to delete them only once when invoked. So this is the expected behavior. The fix evaporate is more appropriate for what you want to do.

Thanks Simon. :heart:

By adding the command thermo_modify lost ignore atoms can leave the simulation box without triggering an error. No extra command to delete them would be needed. Usually those errors are an indication of a problem, but for your specific system setup, having atoms leave the box would be desired, and hence there is an option to turn this error into a warning or to ignore it altogether.