hybrid potential


Thanks for your comments. I try to use pair_style hybrid under the instruction from manual, but there still is an error: ERROR: Illegal pair_style command (…/pair_lj_cut.cpp:430)

My script is generated under linux system. It is shown as following:

pair_style hybrid lj/cut tersoff tersoff
pair_coeff * * tersoff 1 SiCGe.tersoff Si NULL
pair_coeff * * tersoff 2 SiCGe.tersoff NULL C
pair_coeff 1 2 lj/cut 1.0 1.5

I just follow the example in the manual. I typed in these lines and did not copy from the web. But with this example, how to set lj parameters like epsilon and sigma under hybrid style?

Thanks a lot for your help and comments.

Yuezhou Wang