Illegal fix deform command (fix deform.cpp:991)

Dear Lammps Users,

I am trying to deform (EXTEND) my system to x direction with “fix deform x erate” command. (This is an uniaxial tensile simulation to x direction.)
I would like to shrink “AUTOMATICALLY” y and z dimension with “volume” style during the deformation.

When I did not use “volume” style, the simulation worked fine. However, the y and z length were not decreased. So, I decided to use “volume” style.

The "parameter" and its "args" should always come before "keyword" and
its "values".


However, you will not be able to use fix npt and fix deform on same
component of stress tensor, y and z. So I would just use nve and let
fix deform do all the resizing.


Dear Ray,

Thank you for the comments. It works find now.

Best regards,
Changwoon Jang