Illegal Package OMP command.

Dear All,
Hi, my name is Kateeravan. I am using the latest version of lammps using Windows 7 with i3 processor. I have a problem in lammps. My first line in input script is "Package OMP 1 Force/Neigh"

 My command is "mpiexec -n 1 lmp_mpi -in input.script"

 The code didn't execute after the first line. It produce an error stating that "Error: Illegal package omp command <.../fix_omp.cpp:119> 
 Can you help to tell me what or how to solve this problem. Is the problem in my input script or in command.

 Thank you.

Kateeravan Amirthalingam

You are using an incorrect syntax for the “package omp”-command. See, specifically the omp-related arguments and examples.