Illegal pair_coeff command (../pair_lj_charmm_coul_long.cpp:670)

Dear Everyone,

I use LAMMPS (30 Sep 2013) for an equilibration of a membrane system, but I
got an error :

"LAMMPS (30 Sep 2013)
Scanning data file ...
  4 = max bonds/atom
  6 = max angles/atom
  36 = max dihedrals/atom
  2 = max impropers/atom
Reading data file ...
  orthogonal box = (-33.923 -35.2899 -48.0292) to (33.923 35.2899 48.0292)
  1 by 2 by 3 MPI processor grid
ERROR: Illegal pair_coeff command (../pair_lj_charmm_coul_long.cpp:670)"

I have checked the pair_coeff and pair style in the input file, I also
checked the format of the data file, but couldn't find anything causing this

I am attaching my input file and the data file, can you please help me catch
the problem?

have a closer look at the PairCoeff section in your data file. this
kind of error would happen, if you are missing an atom type in that
list. you need exactly as many entries as you have atom types given in
the header of the data file.