Illegal sectoring operation

Dear all
I can’t understand the sectoring operation implemented with the SPIN package of LAMMPS. I am trying to run spin-lattice dynamics simulations of BCC Fe. But when I submit a parallel job, the “illegal sectoring operation” error shows up and the job crashes. I need help to get rid of this error.

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Hopefully @julient can help with this.

Hello Lokanath and Axel,

@akohlmey , thanks for forwarding the message.

@Lokanath , if you would like to understand the sectoring algorithm as implemented in the SPIN package, you can have a look at section 5 of the following manuscript:

Overall, this is simply related to a comparison between the radius cutoff and the size of your MPI domains. The size of your MPI domains must be at least twice larger than the radius cutoff of your magnetic pair interactions.

In other words, the simpler workaround is to give less MPI processes to your simulation. Indeed, less MPI processes means larger MPI domains in your simulation, and thus better chances to satisfy the sectoring condition stated above.
So try to reduce the number of MPI processes given to your simulation step by step, and at some point your simulation will run.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, @julient, and @akohlmey. I solved the error by trying different MPI processes.