imposing velocity and force on rigid wall doesn't work

Hi all,
I want to simulation a Cu nanoparticle between two Fe blocks, while the blocks are imposed a Vx velocity and a F(z) force.
The expected result is sliding block, but no movement happen in the model except atom vibrations at their place.
I would appreciate if you let me know what is wrong in my code.

image of the model and code are attached
I’m using LAMMPS 64X 20170127, MPI runnig on windows


No one wants to look thru a complicated script.

Is it possible your dump frequency (100 steps)

corresponds to atoms shifting one lattice space,

so it only looks like it isn’t moving.

Have you dumped coords to a file to check if
it is moving?

Failing that, I suggest you produce a much simpler

script with just a moving wall, with one type

of atom, and see if you can get that to work.