Inconsistent data given by old and new materials explorer

If we search “As-Fe-V” in old material explorer, we got mp-1095040 which is VFeAs and it is ICSD experimental structure.
However, if we search “As-Fe-V” in new material explorer, we got mp-1216338 which is VFeAs2, it belongs to different spacegroup and it is not ICSD structure.

Why is there such inconsistency? I think both version supposed to give the same result, right?

Hi @ynhuang, welcome!

In general, always trust the newer data, but this does not mean there are not exceptions!

In this case, mp-1095040 still exists, but is not showing up in search results by default because it is deprecated, see:

This means that we have identified an issue with the calculation that means we want to re-run that calculation. It may not be a big issue, and when we re-run the material will appear in search results again.

The second result, mp-1216338, is a new polymorph not present in the old database so this material is a new entry in addition to the previous material.



Thank you so much for reply.

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