Inconsistent Image Flags when Coordinates are UnWrapped

Dear Dr. Axel Kohlmeyer, Dr. Steve Plimpton and LAMMPS Users,

Hello Dr. Kohlmeyer and Dr. Plimpton. Once again, I am deeply grateful for your many advices on LAMMPS during your busy schedule.

I currently have a data file where the bead coordinates (that constitute polymer chains) are unwrapped across the periodic boundaries.

However, when I run an uniaxial elongation MD simulation that reads this data file, I obtain a message: WARNING: Inconsistent image flags (…/domain.cpp:786)

I would like to ask why this warning message appears when my bead coordinates in the original data file are unwrapped across all periodic boundaries. I am thinking that image flags should not come into play because the coordinates are not wrapped into the simulation box.

I have attached a small version of the data file and a script that performs a simple MD run that replicates this WARNING message.

Thank you so much for your time.


Masato Koizumi (16.6 KB) (503 Bytes)