indentation using LAMMPS


I am trying to simulate the indentation in fcc Cu using Mishin potential (as provided in LAMMPS). I am using the minimization technique for this. I analysed the resulting configuration using Common Neighbour Analysis to find out the dislocations, stacking faults etc.

Initially I allowed the indenter to move into system (about 5 A) and then slowly removed it. I expected that we can see the deformation to plastic in nature. But what I found is that as I am going to remove the indenter, the dislocations and stacking faults are disappearing and the system almost coming back to the initial configuration.

It may be possible that I am making some conceptual mistakes. I am posing the INPUT file here.

can anyone please point out, whether am I making any mistake ?

Could be a lot of reasons. Sorry, no one is likely
to figure out an answer to a vague question like
my complicated simulation did something unexpected,