Inducing variable loadings in LAAMPS

Dear community,

Its been a long time since I am using lammps for my academic purpose. I stumbled upon a problem regarding stress-controlled deformation of material.

I have used ‘fix addforce’ to induce stress in every step and taken notes of deformation to yield stress induced deformation.

Now I want to move forward with variable loading system, eg. I want to induce a load in parabolic manner. But when I tried to do so using ‘variable’ inside the fix addforce, its just not doing right. Or I should say I am not being able to do it in a right way.

My question is, ‘Is lammps capable of doing what I wanted to?’ If yes then what is the wrong that I have done? Or are there any feasible way to do so?

Eagerly waiting for your valuable replies.


Masters student from department of Mechanical Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

it is difficult to tell what you did wrong without seeing what you actually are doing.