Inelastic collisions with PD in lammps

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible, using peridynamics in lammps, to model a collision in which the colliding objects stick together. It seems that when two objects are created and defined distinct by their distance being greater than the horizon and bin size, they no longer have the ability to stick back together under any condition. Is this true, or is it just that the parameters or peri style I am using prevent this?

To be clear I have been using the pmb model as this represents the material best.

Thanks for you help,

Benjamin Geller
University of Arizona

There might be PD models that allow bonds to reform after
they have broken (the only way things would stick together),
but none of the 4 PD models in LAMMPS does that.
Note that PD is a rich field with very complex manybody
and reactive models having been created, but no one has
done the work to put much of that into LAMMPS. Google
for the Paradigm code if you want to find another Sandia
code that is dedicated to PD.