Inertia in lammps granular package

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Is there any approach for running granular simulations in lammps (with pair_style gran/hertz/history, for example) without inclusion of inertia? I suppose we can apply a high enough viscous damping coefficient and make the system over-damped, but I am curious if there is any other direct way (if it makes any sense) to turn off inertia totally in simulations?

Many thanks for any response in advance.
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What do you mean by inertia? Do you mean
no rotational motion, torques? If so, then does setting
the tangential friction term to zero do what you want?


Another interpretation could be that he means something different - more similar to as is done in lubricateU. Viscous damping and elastic forces are being in equilibrium. Might be trying to simulate a foam I suppose.

Up to BF to clarify.