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Hi everyone

this my input file and control file to do the fix GCMC simulation. But I can’t control the temperature and pressure. If I use the fix mdnvt to control the temperature, the simulation will run so slow. So can anyone tell me my whether my control file is correct?

thank you!

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I did not look at your files, so I will just give you some general advice for fix gcmc.

-Start simple
-Add extra features one by one.
-Keep the system small, so it reaches equilibrium in minutes, not days.

For example:

  1. Build a small box with a few molecules/atoms
  2. Do fix gcmc with no exchange moves, no MD
  3. Equilibrate a low pressure gas.
  4. Turn on exchange moves
  5. Turn on NVE MD
  6. Turn on NVT MD
  7. Turn on NPT MD
  8. Do science